Story of Lidice With Only Five Plums

Founded in the 14th century, Lidice lies twenty miles northwest of Prague. For centuries, the town’s inhabitants were engaged in farming, mining, and industry. This quiet village of 500 people became known to the world in the early summer of 1942. On the heels of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the Nazi officer in charge of Germany’s occupation of the Czech lands, the residents of Lidice paid the ultimate price. The assassination, carried out by the Czech resistance, was as bold as it was unexpected. The Nazi reprisals for the assassination touched every corner of the country, but the fate of Lidice stood out from the rest. With shocking speed and ruthlessness, the village was completely erased from the map and a majority of the people who lived there were murdered. The Lidice of today was built during the post-war period on a ridge overlooking the location of the original village, and it stands as a living memorial to the site of one of the most horrifying and tragic chapters of World War II.


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Due Date

Jonathon and I hope to complete the book by mid-March. After that it should be available from More news on this to come.

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